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Digital Detox at vigilius mountain resort

simply: be.

With this philosophy we address an ardent longing of people today: to gain distance, to breathe deeply in the midst of untouched nature, to have time for oneself and to say goodbye to the fast-paced life for a period of time. Digital Detox seamlessly follows this philosophy. Many of our guests already consciously choose not to use their smartphones or tablets during their stay, or reduce their use to the bare essentials.

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Digital Detox Strengthens your Well-being

Digital purification - deliberately avoiding the use of electronic end devices demonstrably contributes to recovery, relaxation and increased well-being.

Relaxation. A few hours in nature, without a monitor, already contributes to a considerable stress reduction. You concentrate more on yourself again and on all levels - body, mind and soul - relaxation is noticeable.

Calm sleep. Looking at the flickering screen reduces the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. A good book or simply abstaining from the use of a smartphone or tablet before going to bed promotes healthy sleep. In order to further reduce radiation exposure, we also turn off the WLAN throughout the vigilius at 11:00 pm.

Energy & Motivation. Abstinence from mobile phone use also means rejecting the flood of more or less useful information that constantly puts us under pressure and thus causes permanent stress. After only a short time, a deep feeling of satisfaction spreads - the motor for fresh energy, greater performance and the motivation to try something new.

Mindfulness. Turning away from the screen opens our eyes to everything that surrounds us. We perceive the beauty of our world again and discover immediate pleasure in a new and unadulterated way. A good conversation, a delicious meal, nature in all its detail-loving facets.

Creativity. Those who allow themselves the leisure to live in the present time and let things affect them, open doors to new ideas. This is because creativity does not arise from being distracted by digital media, but from a tranquillity of not having to do anything, such as the one found when doing sports, in the shower or on holiday.

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Our Digital Detox Etiquette

Many of our guests enjoy the feeling of absolute tranquillity and relaxation that comes with not using a smartphone. Out of consideration for this desire for holistic relaxation, we ask you to pay attention to our digital detox etiquette:

  • Meeting places for vigilius guests such as Piazza, Spa and Restaurant 1,500 we have defined as “digital-free zones”.
  • Therefore, please do not use your smartphone in locations that serve our guests as places of peace and relaxation and set the phone on silent-without-vibration mode.
  • and limit phone calls to places where other guests do not feel disturbed.
  • At 11:00 p.m. we switch off the WLAN for a radiation-free, restful sleep. Should you nevertheless need the Internet, a computer with Internet access is available in our library around the clock.
  • Our rooms are deliberately equipped without television. Should you still wish to watch television, we will be happy to bring a TV set to your room.
  • You would like to digitally purify yourself and still find yourself looking at your mobile phone over and over again? You are welcome to leave your device at the reception desk or
  • in one of our lockers located throughout the hotel.
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the vigilius takes a break

Dear guests,

thank you for all the wonderful moments we have already experienced with you. The vigilius team is in good health and we are looking forward to welcoming you again from 01.04.2021.

In the meantime, we are available under the phone number 0039 0473 556600 from Monday till Friday from 09:00 to 16:30.
Or just send us an e-mail at any time to

Warm greetings from 1500 meters,
the vigilius team

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