The Owl
The Owl

The Owl


Once upon a time there was an owl who lived all on his own in a cable car pylon. He was 25 months old and wished for nothing more than a female owl to share the cable car pylon and of course life with him.
But the owl was in fact a strange owl as he had a bit of a problem, which was that he couldn’t take two steps. He simply didn’t dare take the two steps that he would have to walk though to broaden his horizon and maybe spot his desired female owl. To overcome his two steps phobia he decided to come up with a new idea. He simply took three steps backwards and then five steps forwards and then actually reached the place he wanted to get to, namely out from the middle of the cable car pylon.
Now that he was here he hoped to catch a glimpse of a female owl. Would he find her and live happily ever after with her? He looked around curiously and expectantly, trying not to think about where he was actually standing, the two step phobia was merciless, but now he had ventured so far forwards already and naturally did not want to go back any more under any circumstances.
Full of enthusiasm he discovered so many new and interesting things that he felt better than ever before. If only he had dared take these two steps sooner! He couldn’t get enough of looking at this new world, having to laugh and cry at the same time, he jumped up high in the air and let out a hoot from deep inside that echoed from all sides and made everything shudder: TWITTTT TWOOOOO.
Before he could even work out what was happening around him, he was surrounded by a flock of female owls who had probably followed his cry at lightning speed. Was he dreaming? He could not get enough of looking at all these female owls and wanted to find out more about each and every one of them. He soon found out that they also lived alone in their cable car pylons and succumbed to their phobias there. However from this moment onwards everything would be different, they were no longer alone and the owl knew that one day one of them would be his female owl and at the mere thought of this another hoot burst out of him again: TWITTTT TWOOOOO!!!!!
The female owls instantly tuned in with him and their singing made everything shudder again. They and all their phobias were now no longer alone, their reclusive existence was over at last. They invited each other to their cable car pylons over and over again and their shared cries of joy echoed over and over again: TWITTTT TWOOOOO!!!!!
From then on the cable car pylons shuddered with every cry and when the cable car runs over them and you listen very carefully you can hear them and know straight away: the owl and female owls are simply just happy!


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