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A natural philosophy

A sustainable hotel respects the wisdom of nature,

as well as the desires of the people who come here. Some are searching for a long-lost time where they can turn their attention to things that are really important to them – and last but not least to their own, perhaps hidden desires. Some, in turn, long for a simplicity that is now just a fond memory to them. For peace and tranquillity, not having to do anything, being able to do anything, the delicious feeling of freedom and contemplating life.
And then they take the cable car up to the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch and thus take the decision to let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to draw new strength and energy from the silence and immediacy of nature. As a sustainable hotel, the vigilius mountain resort contributes to this in a variety of ways at once: as a “green hotel” and an A-class ClimateHouse, which works economically and using only renewable resources. As a place that models simplicity, which is reflected in the design and also in the people who work here – roughly 40 employees from a range of different nations gather here every day to simply be your personal host.

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A children’s hideaway, far removed from modern life

On your return, as if from never-never land,

you might be assailed by doubts that you dreamt it all up. And that’s understandable, since there is no road leading up to the place. Its only link to the rest of the world is a cable car. The building itself seems the stuff of dreams – a gigantic tree trunk lying on the ground, surrounded by nothing. Just forests and flowers and the rarefied air and absolute silence you get at 1 500 meters above sea level. A secret lair camouflaged by the landscape, a bit like a children’s tree-house. The sustainable vigilius mountain resort hotel, a wood and glass construction resting upon a crest of the mountainside in South Tyrol, above the town of Lana near Merano/Meran, is an adult, indeed a super-sophisticated, version of a children’s hideaway. A children’s hideaway for adults, if you like.
It is a veritable retreat, far removed from reality, consisting of 41 spacious, wood-panelled rooms with heated stone walls and panoramic windows, a restaurant built using 300-year old wood painstakingly recovered from an ancient farm building, and a swimming pool with an enormous window looking out southwards, towards the sun. Fire and water are everywhere: fireplaces indoors and out, alongside fountains and hydrotherapy baths.
During the day, guests can enjoy regenerative spa and therapeutic water treatments or choose from various outdoor sports activities. Everything here revolves around nature and everything is landscape: from the outside, you hardly notice the hotel, and when you’re inside, you see so much you could be outside. Put in another way, it’s not like looking at a postcard, it’s as if you are in the postcard. The vigilius mountain resort is the sort of place that is worth experiencing and understanding.
You return home regenerated, as if after a long and very sweet dream.
Matteo Thun, Architect

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