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Silence in six minutes

Simply float away with the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car.

Immersed in a one hundred-year-old history of living tranquillity where surprisingly little has changed over the years. For example, this so-called “Bahndl” is still the only way of getting up to the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch mountain and the vigilius mountain resort. The cable car quietly whirs away, conquering 1 200 metres of altitude in seven minutes and three pylons and bestowing new arrivals with a place that is totally in tune with the rhythm of nature. No engines, no asphalt, no parking spaces but instead meditative silence and the fresh, resinous, mossy fragrance of the gently swaying larch trees.
Of course, time has not stood completely still up here on the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch. But everything and everyone arriving up here does so with the intention of living alongside and as part of nature. The architects of the vigilius mountain resort also took this to heart. The building is nestled into the landscape like a natural jewel with understated elegance, right next to the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car’s top station.

For our guests we offer night-time cable car rides: after the general opening hours every full hour until 11.00pm.

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simply: exit.

Off the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car, off the world.

Saying goodbye to the noise and lights of the city is easy, sending you on a pleasantly short journey of rapid changes: the neat, cultured landscapes near Lana change into untamed mountain forests, oppressive summer heat is replaced by fresh mountain air, and rain turns into light snowfall. How quickly the stream of thoughts brought with you give way to surprising clarity though. Take a deep breath. Crystal clear air at 1 500 m above sea level. Suddenly, everything feels so light.
The gravel quietly crunches under your feet, just a few more steps to the hotel entrance. In the midst of an architecture blending in with the landscape, the doors open smoothly, offering a warm reception. Inside, the vigilius mountain resort uncompromisingly reflects what nature offers outside. Naturally soft materials, wood, stone, clay, linen and glass are combined to create attractive aesthetics. Simply beautiful, a world-class establishment , permeated by the region’s traditions.

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Head to the vigilius mountain resort for dinner

A culinary detour to the Restaurant 1500 that is all about indulgence.

During the day, at half hourly intervals, the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car takes guests and those seeking relaxation from Lana up to the hotel, the chair lift and the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch. Only the cable car and a footpath which challenges you to conquer 1 200 metres difference in altitude can take you to this special place living in harmony and silent agreement with nature like virtually no other. The natural mineral water springs, ancient rocks and a romantic chapel are the landmarks and cult sites of this unique region. The Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car also runs in the evening for late arrivals and guests from the valley who can float up to the vigilius mountain resort especially for events or dinner at the vigilius, if booked in advance. An indulgent break at lofty heights: at the Restaurant 1 500 or Stube ida guests for a day or an evening are also warmly welcome – just remember to book in good time.
The Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car ticket also includes the use of all lifts. Just after the top station, a nostalgic chair lift leads up to the col where two drag lifts for amateur skiers are in operation in winter, when snow conditions are suitable.

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